Bug fix 1.02- Being

Everyone, almost everywhere has some vision. It may be a small one or big one like everst, doesn’t matter. We all are something and we want to be something and the path or say the bridge towards the preferred something we want. A whole lot changes occur and sometimes people get lost in the path to being the preferred something and get fascinated by the persona which they wanted at the end of the path, but get happy in the fake part of that persona. 

Let me get this straight to everyone. People, they want to gain respect and be famous in there own ways and some prefer to work for it,  some prefer to fake it and the others just don’t do anything. 

When you work for it and never give up in the way,  though you would want to give up in the way to the wanted you. Second type,  is to get satisfied in the fakeness of the wanted you,  though it may be attractive for a short period of time but it doesn’t last for long and the end of it is not good. Belive me, I have been there,and the last are the ones who do nothing and go on in the perfect loop they have constructed for themselves. These are the ones who we call ordinary people. People who just work with no aims. It’s better to atleast fake than do nothing.Eventually when you realize the side effects of fakeness you’ll switch to the real soon. In this way atleast you try, atleast you try to make a difference to yourself and that would impact the surrounding environment around you and mould it according to your needs. 

Do you ever think why? Why is the 99% wealth with the 1%? It’s no luck or coincidence. What’s the difference between them and you? What made them rich and successful and you still dream of a desired life? 

I’ll telll you. Firstly, they never gave up,  never never never,  no matter what the situation was, no matter how bad they were down, they all stood up again and again and again,  don’t know how many times and atlast they become the wanted self,  for which they worked hard. Secondly,  they believed in themselves and told themselves that they can do it. 

All the people out there who say, money can’t buy happiness? Cut the bullshit, which happiness in specific they are talking about?living in a small house,  getting a four or five figure salary, adjusting desires according to expenses? killing desires for family? This all crap comes from the ordinary people, who are happy in there well constructed loop, just repeating the fixed tasks, they are happy because living in a loop is way easy than changing yourself and making a difference and that’s the exact happiness money cannot buy.  I call the limited happiness. 

All in all,  being the you wanted and what you are needs a journey with a lots of obstacles, all you have do is fightback everytime you are down and believe in yourself, no matter who else believes or not .  You should,always because Michael Phelps once said on being asked the secret of his success that, if you want it bad enough, you’ll get it. 



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