Bug fix 1.03 –  Addiction 

Let me once again start with a question. Do you actually know what is addiction? I mean, actually, in true sense.  I know you all would,  you are not dumb ediots(atlest I don’t think you are). But still let me explain it to everyone for the exceptions out there xD.

Addictions are small relaxing pleasures which our mind seeks in order to get away from the stress and complexities of life.  In short, it’s bad,  VERY BAD!. 
But still,  nearly everyone in this egg shaped planet is addicted to something or the other because when you indulge yourself in an addiction,  the only reason you do that is to get a short time pleasure. If you ask any addict if anything,  I mean if you ask anyone about the addiction of chatting, doing drugs,  watching porn,  excessive eating,  spending hours watching sitcoms and wasting  time on Internet.  All these addictions provide you with only one thing and that is SHORT TERM PLEASURE! and you do not even care how you get it,  even I don’t care too because I we all get it without any efforts or hard work and there lies the biggest problem(if you get it). 
Seeing to this,  pleasure can be categorized in ftwo parts,  short term and long term.  Now long term pleasures are difficult to get,  requires hardwork and dedication and efforts are way more to put in than to get the small term pleasures.  The path to long term pleasures is rough,  patchy and difficult sometimes but(there is always a but) in the end(LP xD) the feeling of true achievement and satisfaction cannot be explained in words it can just be experienced. Whereas these small term pleasures are easily accessible.  Then why the fuck should anyone not go after them? Am I insane or what?.  Answer,  I’m insane I agree but the long term pleasures last more longer than any short term pleasure you name. As an when you stop the activity you are doing to gain small term pleasure,  it vanishes which leaves your mind with only one choice and that is to do more of it in order to gain more pleasure and by doing this you are depreciating your body at a faster rate of the pleasures and then there will come a point when either you will stop enjoying that or you would destroy yourself. Buy long term pleasures last longer and provide more satisfaction and a sense of achievement. 

The noteworthy words of Bear Grylls sums it up very nicely,  


I know it’s easy to say and hard,  very hard to be done.  I too have addictions,  and I am not saying to cut them of completely because you can’t,  it’s practically not possible!,  as it would have two side effects if you cut it out completely. Either you will go completely insane or get yourself more addicted. All you have to do is to fool your mind a little bit and reduce the duration of whatsoever your addiction is slowly and slowly and get yourself to a healthy life with some long term goal so that you could achieve your own long term pleasure. Work hard through the difficulties,  because when you think you are going through hell,  just keep going because great things and success are not easily achieved or else everyone would have been successful by now,  don’t you think that?. So,  gear up,  cut on addiction and start doing something you wanted to do with your precious life. 

And stop reading this crap blog now.  


I don’t matter 


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