Bug Fix 1.04- After the last of it. 

14 years, sounds like a lot but after giving the last exam of my school life on 17th April 2017, it all feels like a short memory which passed away like a wink of an eye. All those school days with so much fun, stress, scoldings, marks, exmas, homeworks, trips and the most important, Ptm. There are many perks of finishing school, if you want to console yourself that it’s this way now. For example, no more ptms, no more unit tests and no more standing in assemblies. That’s all I can think of as perks of leaving school. But this all comes at a great cost, no more games period, no more playing with friends, no more bunking classes, no more scoldings, no more carnivals or sports days to take part in.
Now that I don’t have to give any exams as of now, the days after your last exam never go as you planned before your exmas started. So, never plan anything, it never goes that way(atleast not in my case). All I do is, sleep, workout a little and watch movies and I am sure more or less its the same story with everyone else till you are not super energetic and have a clear aim to accomplish blah blah… (bullshit) and like this a day passes then a week. It’s like a state of mind where you know what you are doing is not right but you still keep on doing it and planning things, which again never works and then we start looking for motivation on Facebook, Instagram, pintrest and we all end up way far then searching for motivation. The days after your exams force you to think about, what now?,the most difficult question to ask yourself and answering this question takes quite a while.

The best way to maximize utilization of this short spare time all the students have after there exams are over can be deffrentiated in two ways. First, do what you have been planning to do for quite a while,be it learning  a new instrument, starting  a YouTube channel, do something which excites you or anything which gives you goosebumps and the second,  is just sleep, eat and binge watch sitcoms. Either way, you’ll utilize your time in a way you want to or a way you wanted to be.

One day or day one. You decide.


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