Bug Fix 1.05- I do not care, Attitude

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My heart aches, I get irritated and I feel really bad after what I witness these days. I am talking about attitude we all are adopting and making it a part of our lifestyle. It is called, “I do not care attitude”, which is full of the small yet the biggest word , EGO and carelessness combined together. Trends in clothes , accessories  do not last for a long time, but trends in behavior could last for more than a decade.

The most basic example I will provide is of what I witnessed and felt myself. When I was in my grade eleventh, we gave farewell to grade twelfth students. They all cried at the end of the farewell because they all would be going there different ways and this was the end of their school life. I remember when I saw them , I could feel the bonding they all had with each other, the sense of belongingness they all shared. I admit I was jealous of their bonding and love. Even now , when they all live in different parts of the country, they all meet very frequently  which I am afraid will not happen with my batch mates. No one cried after our farewell, and everyone had there different  group of people. The worst part, even if you wanted to get along for a long time with the other group, you cannot because they will just ignore you and finally the person who did not had that fucking irritating attitude will also develop it and slowly it will transform to the status of being cool. Believe me, and all they’ll say is, we don’t wanna be cool, we just don’t care. I seriously do not get this, why are we getting so ignorant to the feelings of others and why does no other people matter .They should  matter, people should show love and affection to others and genuinely care about others. If getting practical in life means, leaving all this behind and to limit yourself to a group then I suggest we should give it a bit of emotional touch too and this I do not care attitude was not before 2015, it all started after that. I do not know what triggered this behavior, maybe the western culture or crimes. But one thing is for sure, we all are losing the emotional touch and we all need to regain it and remind us of the person we used to be three or four years back because if we do not do this soon, we all will be living together but still a very different life.

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This behavior could be changed, it’s not difficult. All we need to do is, talk, express and expand our group by just dropping the small word EGO which we sometimes confuse with the better word self-respect. By doing these three things the situation could change for a better social environment to live in.

Help yourself first, others will follow.


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