Bug Fix 1.07- Lamborghini- More than practicality

There comes a time in your life, when everything you plan and imagine does not happen even though it could have happened but still it does not. I know the above sentence is very complicated and doesn’t even make sense to some of you guys. But this was the best way I could have explained this problem in a sentence to sum up.

Actually there are three things that matter when you want something to go as planned and imagined. First, you should qualify for the planning you may have done. For eg. If you want to go around your country in a car, you should first qualify to have a licence or you cannot make the plan work or you cannot get admission in a reputable university, if you do not get the desired marks. So, you should first of all qualify to make your plan work.

Second, there should be some emotional support from your family and friends. They should feel good about your plan and imagination that you want to accomplish to get things working. You should atleast have someone on your side as a support for yourself or else the plan would not last for a long time and it all would drift away from you and the last things that matters the most and is the most important of these all, MONEY. If you are not financially able to support your plan and the plan is too expensive to make it workout even though you pitch in every resource of yours, then the only good thing you can do is drop the plan and find an alternative.

But(there is always a but xd), if you got a feeling or say an intuition that this plan will work , no matter what happens. No matter what you have to pitch in. No matter how much sacrifices you have to make. Practically , you should not follow your feeling that you got about whatever your plan was and I will also say that just don’t be practical everytime!, life does not work that way!. You gotta just fuck the practical part of things sometimes to make it work. You cannot always depend on statistics, that how many failed following the same path, you should make the difference by learning from there difference , that where did they go wrong or what should they have not done and what should you do in order to succeed.

If you want to remain at the same level of living that you are now, then just continue to watch sitcoms and movies, hangout with friends or just change for the better version of yourself and develop your standard of living. And the best part of all this, its your life, you get to decide what you want to do with it. Live in a penthouse or in a two bedroom flat. Drive a Lamborghini or a Chevrolet .

The people who think it is not possible in real life? Just use the internet to see the list of successful people aged under 25. Soon you’ll realize what a fucked up and messed up life you are living currently because I just did and I don’t want myself in a three bedroom , one dining hall home after five years. You are the one , who decides his/her own future.

After-all , if you want it bad enough , you will get it.


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