Bug Fix- 1.06- Wanna Have it? Kill the backup.

Why does most of the people have a backup plan?. Its quite simple ,isn’t it? They have a backup plan in case there main plan fails and it’s a quite obvious and sensible thing to do. I say if you want to achieve something meaningful in your life, kill the backup. You all readers would be thinking that I am mad. My mom reminds me that atleast thrice a day because I don’t have a backup plan for my career and it’s a risky one according to my relatives and neighbors and they keep reminding her that she is a heartless mom sending his just turned legal son four thousand miles away from her. Its human nature, you know, they can not see someone doing something that they are afraid to do or not capable of doing. I’ll give you an example, there was a ship captain who had five hundred soldiers on-board and when the captain anchored the ship on the shores of the enemy’s land, he ordered the soldier to burn down the ship they came from so that they cannot leave till they defeat their enemy or die fighting. The soldiers won the battle, because they knew , if they wanted to go home there is only one way to do that and that is to defeat the enemy. There is no turning back.

If you have a backup plan, you are somewhat assured and dependent on it , that if it doesn’t workout you got a plan B to pursue and that’s why most people don’t give their best to accomplish the primary plan.

But, if you don’t have a backup plan and all you have is just the primary plan and the more meaningful thing, then you have to give it all or you will lose almost everything. That fear of losing, is what makes you cross the line and surpass your capabilities you never knew existed within you because your mind knows that there is no option like flight here, the only thing you can do is fight, and fight until you win or else you are not going home. Its that simple. The reason I killed my backup is that I just want to win, no matter how I do that or else I am not going home and I know this sounds very risky and it is indeed but, you just have one life to do something better with it. Then why waste it with the same thing everyone does, because it is right? No, it isn’t. Its just way it is and many people want it just the it is. But if you want your life to be a little different then the way it is, you gotta kill the backup.

Be the black sheep, or you’ll get domesticated


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