Bug Fix- 1.08 – Are you always Happy?


Are you always happy?, even if you don’t want to be but because just for the sake of being happy and suppressing the negative tension building inside yourself which we call being sad . Sometimes I think this word, SAD is so underrated. No one wants to be sad, everyone wants to be happy. May I ask the reason why ? Why not sad?. What’s wrong if you don’t pretend to be happy when you are not?.

Yeah, so either you are thinking about it now or thinking its all bullshit, either way I got you thinking. That’s  more than enough for starters.

I know basically everyone has being in this situation when they are not happy but they still want to be in that group or environment which might make them feel happy and sure do , I mean isn’t it what we are supposed to do? When we are feeling down and low , surround ourselves with a lot of happy people and try to feel good, and I bet some of you do start to feel good. But that comes at a price. You drain yourself out of feeling happy, it gets you exhausted quickly. Do you know why? Have you ever tried to imitate someone , like for fun or  lie to someone face to face, isn’t it a bit different and difficult for you to imitate someone else or lie to someone because your body and mind has to put in extra efforts to do that correctly. That’s the same thing if you fake to being happy and feel happy. We drain ourselves out of being happy at one point and the Sad part builds up because we have been avoiding it for a long time just because we want to be happy. But in order to be happy , all we do is just ignore. We shouldn’t be doing that because being sad is just like sea waters pulling back for a tsunami and when we ignore it , we let it build up and come back to us even stronger and then there comes a point where you realize you can’t ignore it more that you fucked up  and then it takes even more time and effort to get back from that because we all let it build up. You let it build up. So stop ignoring it because I don’t think everyone is genuinely happy. If you wanna be, just take action against not being sad and here I don’t mean by ignoring it but by doing things to contradict it in a positive ways . This post is not to make you feel bad or sad and stuff, but if you are feeling so. Welcome to the sad side which just surfaced a bit inside you.


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